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Review by: Rita Hestand on Oct. 16, 2009 : * * * * * (5 Stars)

Looking through the Mist by Rebecca J. Vickery-Review
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Psychic Jessica Wilder had a breakdown during her last case with the FBI. She wanted to start her life over, but the problem was…her visions were back. And not just back, but this time they involved children being kidnapped. If only she could control them and have a normal life. She didn’t welcome the visions, but she had no choice.

When Jessica walked into Detective Jonathan Lansing’s office she was afraid of his reactions, and wished she didn’t have to report them, but what could she do, there were children at stake this time, she couldn’t turn her back on them. She couldn’t stand another mistake, or more deaths.

John Lansing was at first very skeptical of these so called visions of hers. However, when she gave pertinent information that led to actual crime scenes, he had to start believing in her. Strangely enough, he wanted to believe in her, because he was more than a little attracted to her. And before he had time to doubt her, another child had been kidnapped and she was already having visions of the villains.

Thrown together by her secrecy, they kept hot on the trail of the kidnappers. More and more the evidence mounted and Jessica was right about all of it. She was so right that by the time the FBI got in on the case, even they had to admit they couldn’t’ solve it without her. Not when she could pinpoint almost every move.

Ms. Vickery brings us an engaging tale of mystery and the psychic. She weaves a clever tale while giving us a true romance on the side. Ms. Vickery’s attention to detail and vivid prose keeps us turning the page until the end. If you want a book that pulls you in, and keeps you hanging on to find out what will happen next, you’ll have to read this Beautiful tale of mystery with a touch of paranormal and a lot of romance and sexual tensions. This is a book to curl up by the fire and indulge yourself in. So go ahead and indulge…you won’t be disappointed in Looking Through the Mist. I give Ms. Vickery a big high 5 on this beautiful book…Thanks for the great read!

Reviewed by Rita Hestand
Author of Hannah’s Man, Courting Abby, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, Strictly Business, and Wandering Heart
(Looking Through The Mist was purchased and the review was neither requested nor paid for. All opinions are those of the review provider.)


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